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Actionable Training

You will be able to immediately apply your learnings to your real-life change scenario.

Evidence-based Program

All courses are based on real project experience, scientific research, and best practices. 

Premium Material

You will learn and practice the best Change Leadership tools available on the market.

Our Courses

EXCELerate Change Leadership Academy

Successfully Lead Your People Through Change

Invest in your change leadership capability to be future-ready.

Sam Sayem and Eva Sayem, Co-Founders of Approach Services
  • Reduce The Risk Of Change Failure

    49 studies across 10 types of change found a 19% median success rate for cultural change, 40% for technology change and 58% for strategy development. In complex systems, leaders play a vital role to influence the success of projects. Our Leadership Academy provides you with tools that balance validity and practicality. 

  • Reduce The Cost For Change

    Change initiatives can fail in different ways: Project benefit shortfalls, cost overruns, unintended consequences, lack of sustainable results or shelved projects. Your Change Leadership Online Academy is the most cost-effective way to uplift your leadership to manage and mitigate these costs. 

  • Choose A Sustainable Solution

    The Change Leadership Academy guides and supports you from initiation, through transition and after go-life of your first and every change project. It offers sustainable, actionable training for your entire organisation from now into the future. 

What Our Alumni Have to Say

The EXCELerate Change Leadership Training has been the best training ever!

Eva and Gopi

Technical Manager, Perth

Terrific and professional change agents and change leaders. I am thoroughly enjoying the work that you are doing. And I'm sure all of our staff are very appreciative of the focus on our people as we transition to our new way of working.



I wish we had received this training 12 months ago - it has given me a lot of insight into the change process, how necessary it is for our company and has motivated me personally to be more involved.


Manager Statewide, WA

I particularly like that the training incorporated self-reflection as well as an understanding of different personality styles of our colleagues and how we can adapt our approaches to better communicate. The mix of individual exercises and discussion are great to break up the training, as was use of visuals and scientific references.


From Perth, AU