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Zooleader toolkit

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Individual reflection or team activity! Your versatile Change Leadership toolkit comes with 8 premium leadership style cards and a microfibre floormat.

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Zooleader toolkit: EXCELerate leadership styles | 8 Premium Change Leadership personality cards 

Did you ever notice a spike in interpersonal conflicts during change? Organisations are under pressure to be change-agile. Leaders and employees are tested in their resilience and a lot relies on leaders to inspire behavioural change and manage resistance. A  leader who is aware of their and other leadership styles finds it easier to motivate change and resolve interpersonal conflicts.

The Zooleader toolkit has helped businesses, Non-for-profit organisations, government departments, aged care providers and health care service providers to:

  • Build a culture of trust and engagement in your project- and leadership team
  • Develop a common language about Change Leadership styles
  • Create a visual display of your team’s strengths and limitations

For a fraction of the price of other personality assessments, you can be prepared for your next change project, with this practical and tested team building and leadership development toolkit.


  • Eight premium illustrated Zooleader style cards
  • A 1.5m diameter floormat made from washable microfibre
  • 2 informative videos about the Zooleaders of the toolkit in action
  • 1 comprehensive instruction manual
  • Attractive toolkit box that will catch your colleague’s attention


What can I use the Zooleader toolkit for? 

This versatile Zooleader Toolkit allows you to fine-tune your leadership shadow to your situation. This visual display of your and your leadership team’s strengths and limitations can be used at the start or during your change project. We have seen it used for individual reflection, as an educational aid during leadership development, as a team-building activity, for team meetings, to mediate interpersonal conflicts early and objectively and as a means to anticipate and proactively manage resistance to change.

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What our clients say about the Zooleader toolkit: EXCELeate leadership styles

“The Zooleader reflection really surprised me. I always loved Elephants and immediately related to the red leadership style. I couldn’t believe the impact little adjustments to my leadership could have on the team’s collaboration during the change. I strongly recommend this toolkit.” KELLY – CEO

“We used Zooleaders as a team activity to develop a common language for our leadership. We had really good discussions and lots of fun. Addressing conflicts with this new common language became more light-hearted. I used to dread those conversations before.” CHRIS – CTO